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Hey Song Sarsaparilla

Cast your mind way back to yesterday when I said I’d never drink another drop of root beer in my life, well it turns out I’m a big fat stinking liar.

How was I to know that root beer is basically sarsaparilla with a load of added horrible added to it for good measure. Well I do now and I am unhappy to report that sarsaparilla is almost but not quite as disgusting as root beer.

Flavour wise it’s root beer minus the really harsh aftertaste, in fact the aftertaste of this was rather nice and almost vanillary but the main body of the flavour is good old root beer, or vice-cersa and root beer is good old sarsaparilla but you know what I mean.

I did manage to finish the entire can but it was pretty hard going and I certainly won’t be going back for another. 

Damned you foreign pop.

The Daily Noodle - Unknown Hot Satay

Result: Thumbs up!

Noodlenotes: Delicious but CRAZY hot. 

A&W Root Beer

It’s been so long since I’ve had root beer that I’m actually questioning whether I’ve had it before or not, I’m sure that I must have though.

I bet I did in fact but just blocked out the memory because of how disgusting it is. Vile doesn’t do it justice, it’s like cough mixture mixed with antiseptic.

"Possibly the thickest, creamiest you’ll ever taste!" it proudly proclaims on the side of the can, too bloody right as I’ll never drink another drop ever.

This one actually comes from Singapore but I’m guessing it’s just as hideous wherever in the world it comes from.


Feb 5

Got Milk Cookies & Cream Straws

Whilst my better half is away in Florida I thought this would be a good time to have a rummage in my snack pile and see what I still have left over from my previous trip to the States and whilst my semi-permanent diet status is taking it’s toll on my snack eating I have found the perfect thing, Cookies & Cream milk straws!

Now, at the time of buying these in America I don’t think they were particularly common in the UK but now by the time I’ve got around to trying them I’m pretty sure I’ve seen variations on this theme here so I don’t think they need too much of an introduction. 

As you can see the straws consist of hundreds of tiny sweet pieces which when you suck the milk through the straw start to dissolve so you get flavoured milk. In principle a pretty good idea, unfortunately I found the execution to be rather lacking.

Smell wise these seemed like they would be fantastic, they have a delicious cookies and cream scent, absolutely no problems there but sadly the actual flavour doesn’t cut it.

When you suck the milk up the little beads simply don’t have enough time to dissolve and release the flavour into the milk. Yes they do a bit but to get any real flavour you’ve got to leave the straw unsucked for a minute or so at which point your next suck is a good one but then it’s back to plain old ever so slightly flavoured milk unless you repeat the process.

I’ve never been much of a milk drinker really, I don’t dislike it but I’ve never been a massive fan of just a glass of the stuff on it’s own which is why I had high hopes for these straws but unfortunately the slowness of getting a decent flavoured mouthful takes all the fun out of it.

I’m sure I will get through all these straws just probably not with the gusto I was expecting.

The Daily Noodle - BJ Spicy Artificial Fei-Chang

Result: thumbs up!

Noodlenotes: A bit of a faff and I’m not a big fan of vermicella BUT tasty and came with a pack of MSG!

Jan 3

The Daily Noodle - Lucky Me Extra Hot Chili

Result: Thumbs down :(

Noodlenotes: Very bland, in no way shape or form “extra hot”

Hostess Twinkies

Ahh Twinkies, the mainstay of American pop culture from Ghostbusters to Die Hard but they remain something of a mystery over the pond here in the UK. I think everyone has heard of them or seen them on the telly but I don’t imagine many people have tried one.

Let’s not beat around the bush here, Twinkies are fairly horrible, not inedible by any stretch of the imagination but not something I could imagine being my go-to snack if I lived in the States. Actually horrible is a bit mean, lets go with unpleasant.

Now admittedly my poor pair of Twinkies didn’t make the journey particularly intact and had become fairly well squashed and stuck inside the wrapper. As you can see from the photo the outer layer of the Twinkies was torn off however I don’t actually imagine this has made any difference to the eating experience whatsoever. In a nod to attempting to keep them from being completely destroyed there is an inset of card in the pack which has gone some way to stopping them being smushed up completely.

Twinkies manage to have no discernible texture to them whatsoever, they just kind of disintegrate in your mouth and the flavour, well, that’s pretty special. All they appear to taste of is sweet, not sugar mind you just sweet and chemicals. Not bad chemicals, not like drinking bleach but chemically as in entirely processed like it was designed in a laboratory and not a kitchen which I actually assume isn’t far from the truth.

If we have a UK equivalent to these I’d say they are like the off-brand plain Cadbury Mini Roll style things, but not as nice.

Sorry America, I know that everyone loves Twinkies over there, I hope I haven’t upset you too much I love you all the same!

Speculoos Original

A simple tweet a few months ago from the lovely Kate enquiring whether I’d ever eaten Lotus biscuits had led to two jars of the most fantastic substance ending up in my possession! 

You may have had Lotus biscuits if you’ve stayed in a hotel or possibly been in a very important business meeting, they are those little delicious individually wrapped caramel biscuits. Well, turns out that on the continent they also make it into a spreadable paste!

On Kate’s very important and possibly top secret missions to Brussels (I may have said too much already) she came across this fantastic substance and has sent me two jars both smooth and crunchy varieties!

In consistency it’s almost exactly the same as peanut butter, I’ve only opened the smooth so far but I’m assuming the same for the crunchy too. I’m going slowly on this stuff as I’m going to struggle to get any more once it’s run out!

As you have probably guessed from my already glowing description this stuff is gorgeous, spreadable caramel and cinnamon lovelyness! So far I’ve eaten it on bread, toast, on top of another biscuit and quite a few times straight from the jar on a spoon and I’m not about to apologise for that either.

Why they don’t sell this in the UK is a complete mystery to me as I’m sure it would fly off the shelves, it would certainly have a repeat customer in me! If you are at all a fan of Lotus biscuits or just sweet stuff in general and ever come across some Speculoos buy it, buy it immediately!

Finally another big thank you to Kate for this one, fabulous!

Oct 9

Eszet Schnitten

The ever lovely Matthias bought me back these quite a while ago and I’ve been terribly slow in getting around to trying them but try them I have and what a revelation they turned out to be!

Quite simply these are little slices of chocolate with these ones specifically being milk chocolate although according to the packaging on the back they also come in dark and white, oh and by the way I only know this as they are pictured not because I can speak German!

According to both the packaging and the note Matthias sent along with these they aren’t eaten purely as chocolates but actually eaten on a slice of bread kind of like a sweet open sandwich. As you can see the top few didn’t make the journey intact so obviously I couldn’t put these on bread so I just scoffed these.

I was expecting poor quality chocolate or “Easter egg chocolate” as we call it in this household, I’m not sure why but probably because of the poor foreign chocolate I’ve had in the past but luckily this was a ridiculous thought to have! It’s not fancy chocolate, probably closest in taste to Cadbury’s but that’s absolutely fine by me as that’s how I like it, quite sweet and very milky, delicious!

So on to eating it as it was meant to be eaten, with bread! Actually, I was unsure whether it was meant to be bread or toast so I tried bread first. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting but it simply tasted like a piece of chocolate on a slice of bread. Nice but nothing amazing.

Now, on to toast. What a revelation! Why have I never eaten this before in my life, chocolate slices on toast, amazing! The warmth of the toast softens the chocolate just enough to make it hug the bread without it actually melting as I think you can see in the above photo and the crunch of the toast with the soft chocolate is absolutely perfect.

It’s a wonderful breakfast treat, well any time of day I guess but toast just goes better at breakfast time doesn’t it?

I’ll tell you what, for something so simple I can’t get over how good toast and Eszet Schnitten is, those Germans know a thing or two I tell you!