Foreign Snacks


Leslie’s Clover Barbecue Chips with Vitamins!

It’s not often I find that snacks with what appears to be a picture of a poo on the front of them appealing but I was drawn to these, I feel compelled to point out that the picture of the poo is actually some kind of overcooked meat/bacon. Delicious!

If anyone can tell me what “Basta clover chips, simut sarap talaga” means I’ll be happy man, unless of course it’s something to do with poo then I’m happy to stay ignorant.

Now the snacks themselves are perfectly serviceable, nothing outstanding but it’s safe to say that the whole pack was scoffed in short time. Basically they are barbecue flavoured Skips albeit slightly firmer. Not overly flavoured but quite salty, not unpleasantly so mind you. 

Overall pretty good and can’t grumble at 90p for a big bag! Not quite sure how the selling point of “with vitamins” works though, a bit like telling us that breakfast cereals coated in sugar are fortified with vitamins and minerals, it’s not exactly one of your five a day is it?